Blogging – It Just Got Real

Organisation is not my forte.

I tend to let things get messy and out of hand; every now and then I have a massive urge to get things tidy looking, but that doesn’t occur often.

In attempt to cure this messy, disorganised trait I have, I decided to make organisation one of my goals for the new school year. Progress took place last night when I found myself in Smith’s buying a Filofax planner and a little notebook. These were the first investments I have made in my blog.

My aim is to plan out the publish dates of all my posts so I can set myself deadlines and keep on top of the workload. This is also to stop me from sitting down once a week and scratching around for something to write before I publish it the same evening. Having dragged myself out of the hopeless pit of spontaneous post writing, I realised having a planner was a far more efficient way of blogging.

The smaller notebook will be used to jot down any ideas I have for posts, so I will always have a trusty bank of ideas in case one day I’m stuck for inspiration.

I’m telling you, it feels good! Blogging just got real, everyone. Now I’ve got posts scheduled right up until October. It doesn’t take the fun out of blogging either; if anything it’s now more fun because it’s suddenly a bigger deal, and I feel like I can finally call myself A BLOGGER!

Please share any tips or tricks of the trade that you have; I’m a relatively new blogger in constant search of inspiration!

Until next time,

El x


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