Glorious Food

Thoughts on a Mediterranean Cruise // Glorious Food.

Good news! Holiday photos are now successfully uploaded to my blog so go and have a look if you’re interested!

This is the last of my little mini series about the cruise holiday, and I couldn’t help but rave about the absolutely GOB-SMACKING cuisine on the boat.

I literally don’t know where to start.


Okay, so every evening we went down to the Britannia Restaurant (where most of the guests have their evening meal) and ate THE most delicious food I have ever eaten. A three course meal every night for ten days really doesn’t feel that guilt-ridden when the food is that good. There were always six or seven things to choose from for starter, main and dessert, and everything was prepaid for so we didn’t even have to worry about prices! I loved that about it; whenever I go to a restaurant I always feel restricted by the prices, and tend to go for the cheaper meals, even if that isn’t what I really want.

There was also the Lido Buffet. This was an incredible 24 hour buffet which took up a whole deck of the ship – it was enormous. And there was always SO much choice, you could have salad, curry, pasta, pizza, roast dinner…there was absolutely anything you could think of. You literally could walk in there at any time, grab a plate and fill it with anything you like. For a non-calorie-conscious teenager with high metabolism, this was a dream. come. true.


On top of that, there was room service. Each cabin had a telephone and when you press the ‘room service’ button a man picks up at the other end and asks what you would like. You can order anything. We had apple pie, paninis, chips, toast, hot chocolate, full English breakfasts, the works. It all gets delivered to your room within ten minutes by a man in a white suit, and I can’t stress how amazing it is, just the pure luxury of it all.

So I guess you can understand why, when we all got home, we had extremely high standards and expectations. Nothing will ever meet those standards. It was out of this world. Feel free to share your own cruise experiences in the comments below… were they as amazing as that?!


Until next time,

El x


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