2016 – A Year of Adventures Awaits

The cosy bubble of the Christmas holidays has finally popped and the start of term has hit me like a rock. I’m sure it didn’t help being a tad hung over on the first day back, but that’s another story to tell.

The start of a new year has got me thinking. By now you all know I just want to travel, be it that simple, and today I found myself looking forward to a year of plane tickets, backpacks and foreign currency. 2016 is already a loaded gun filled with adventures in waiting, ready to fire off and explode into millions of memories and amazing moments.

Paris, I was 12…

I thought I’d share with you the list of adventures I’ve got planned for this year so far.

The annual family skiing holiday. This year we shall once again return to the stunning alpine village of Villars. Home to one of the biggest ski resorts in Switzerland, and two of the most expensive schools in the world, we are outrageously lucky to have relatives who live out there and offer us their spare rooms every year.

I started skiing five years ago and I boldly admit I’m not a pro, nor do I ever desire to be one. It’s the views that I love. Mountains. They are so vast and breath taking. Also, it’s about the only time of the year I get to see snow, so you can imagine my sheer delight when I wake up and there’s five metres of the stuff on my front doorstep.

Palm trees in Greece

Somewhere exotic. Vague, I know, but once the ordeal of exams are over this summer, my friends and I are planning a girly getaway somewhere sunny. We’ve been scouring for cheap deals, all-inclusive bargains, the lot. Wherever we end up going, I’m looking forward to a chilled week (not chilled temperatures…) with a beach, some bars and my best friends. What could be better?

A day out in nearby Annecy

Tenerife. This year the family summer vacay takes us to the stunning island of Tenerife. We went there 6 or 7 years ago and happen to be returning to the exact same hotel! I’m excited, to say the least. Ten luscious days exploring sun-clad Tenerife in mid July… I live in England, what can I say? I’m practically sun deprived…

The harbour on Great Cumbrae

Scotland. Somewhat quite the opposite! We are renting out a massive house in Scotland with the whole of my dad’s side of the family (16 of us in total), to spend a week playing beach cricket, fishing, sailing, windsurfing and the greatest game of sardines ever. It’s an annual tradition, and even the fact that A level results day is slap-bang in the middle of it won’t ruin the awesome family fun we have in that house.

This is not my photo but I wish it was

A trip to see my true love. As if that’s not enough, throw a trip to New York in there as well! The big apple awaits me. I cannot put into words how incredible it will be to spend 4 days exploring the most amazing city. And to be spending it with my parents and brother will make it all the more special, they’re basically tagging along with my dream! Read Next On My List… if you wish to read more of my obsession with New York City.


Well, I think that will do nicely! It’s safe to say this year is going to be insane, I just can’t wait to get started. I know I am unbelievably lucky to have all this ahead of me, there’s no doubt about that. I hope that all of you have at least one adventure you’re looking forward to this year. Feel free to share in the comments if you do, I would love to read all about them.

Stay cool,

El x


Can’t wait to travel with my bestie






2 thoughts on “2016 – A Year of Adventures Awaits

  1. Now that sounds like a fabulous year! And that pic of NYC WILL BE your pic soon enough. My big trip this year is to go west……we’re going to California…..I can’t quite believe we are, but we are!


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