Looking Back at Freshers’ Week

Late nights, early mornings. Loud noises, music, people talking, shouting, singing. Alcohol, and lots of it. Free stuff everywhere. New faces, new faces, more new faces.


So, thanks to my extreeeme blogging break (slash quit), I realised my blog missed out on the whole Freshers’ fiasco when I started uni. Sooo I’m updating you now! It’s coming quickly to the end of the year and I’m finding myself looking back a lot at everything that has happened in the last crazy, amazing, life changing nine months.

Freshers’ week was, hands down, the weirdest week of my life. I loved it, but it nearly destroyed me.

Here’s what happens: you move into your flat. You unpack everything, say a polite hello to your new flat mates (and their parents) and try to keep your cool. Then your parents leave. That’s when it starts. The night you move in, no doubt, you’ll probably go out with your flat, who by the way you’ve known for approximately 5 hours (if even). Everyone’s having fun, getting tipsy, but nothing too crazy on the first night. You dance awkwardly in a club with people you’ve just met for a couple of hours, it’s all fine, you go home. The next night, it happens again. And again, and again, and again.

By Wednesday, I was a suitable state of hungover and sleep deprived, whilst still trying to maintain a social life, and make it to all the introductory lectures. That’s the thing you see, they expect you to go to lectures, in Freshers’ week. I didn’t meet many sober, clear headed people there, but I went.


By all means, you don’t have to go out every night. It just seems to be engrained in everyone that we must go out and show people we’re here for a good time, we shall meet our future boyfriends/girlfriends/best friends for life in a takeaway chippy at 4:30am, that’s just what happens.

And in between the ciders and the fuzzy lecture slides and the free hotdogs at the SU, I suddenly stopped and thought ‘what the heck is going on here?’ Is this how we’re meant to make new friends? Because I’m telling you, the amount of people I made friends with in that week and never saw again, is laughable.

Basically, it’s all just a bit of fun. It’s a ‘settling in’ week, it’s a ‘find-out-how-much-alcohol-your-body-can-physically-take’ week (for some), it’s the first week of uni. Of course it’s going to be big.

You just have to do it, and once you’re through it you can look back and laugh. Some people love it, some people hate it, some think it’s overrated. It will be different wherever you go, but where I am it was pretty fab.

So there we go. Whether you’re at uni or not, hopefully some of that relates. I’ve gotta say, this year has been an amazing one, and it has gone SO fast!


Stay cool,

El x


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