11 Random Things You Can’t Live Without at Uni

Boom. Flashback to last year. I was sat in my room, laptop on my knee, scouring endlessly through the best and worst of Youtube’s “What to take to uni” videos. I was nervous, excited, keen and oh so new to the world of university. I was a clueless little fresher trying to grasp as much as I could of what the next year would look like for me.

And now here I am, only a year older, but feeling substantially wiser when it comes to experience of university life. For anyone starting university in the near future, or for those who are just curious, here’s a little insider on things you simply can’t live without at university, particularly those random annoying little things you’re likely to forget or not even think of…

(I’m going to keep these brief as there are quite a few)


1. Lanyard

An immensely important piece of kit to help you find your flat keys in the bottom of your increasingly cluttered uni bag (at least in my case). This will also allow you to wear your keys around your neck as a fashionable ‘uni student’ statement. In all seriousness though, get yourself one of these if you can; in all the chaos of fresher’s week you really don’t want to be losing your keys.


2. Doorstop

A classic, but so flippin’ handy. In halls, the doors will no doubt be heavy fire doors and therefore impossible to keep open. I’m someone who likes to have my door wide open; it’s just more sociable and makes it so much easier for people passing by to drop in and say hello, so DEFINITELY make sure you have a few of these.


3. Kitchen utensils pot

Certainly more applicable if you’re self-catering, but this was one of the things I instantly regretted not having on move-in day, as a few of my other flatmates had them and it made their kitchen stuff look a lot more organised than mine. I’m just ALL about that organisation.


4. Fancy dress

You may be told by many uni students that you’ll need this, and they’re not wrong, you do. One of our flat’s first trips out was to the fancy dress shop in town. Feather bowers, wigs, masks, capes, onesies… seriously just bring ANYTHING you’ve got. If anything, it might help you to make a few friends…


5. Card holder

What I’m referring to here is a little purse designed specifically for cards. This is suuuper handy, especially for your student card and ID, which were the only things I took on a night out with me. It saves you lugging around your whole wallet, or worse, having loose cards in your bag.


6. Printer

Again, an ESSENTIAL. You might tell yourself you can just print stuff off at uni, but will you be saying that at 11.30pm when it’s cold, dark, chucking it down and you’ve got a 20 minute walk to uni? Nope, didn’t think so.


7. Rubber gloves

There’s a chance you’ll found yourself cleaning a toilet (SHOCK) or even pulling bits of food out of the sink (disgusting I know but sometimes you just gotta do it), so just trust me on this one and invest in a decent pair of marigolds, for all your kitchen and toilet cleaning adventures.


8. Antibacterial Spray

Continuing that point, in the name of keeping things clean it’s always sensible to have some cleaning spray lying around, because believe me, that kitchen will get dir-ty.


9. Dressing gown and slippers/cosy socks

There’s nothing like getting home and throwing on the old dressing gown, it’s such a home comfort and definitely helped to cheer me up on the rubbishy days. Slippers or big socks are also useful to have for walking around your flat, as it’s unlikely the floor will get cleaned regularly and the ground outside is probably more hygienic to walk barefoot on than a student kitchen.


10. A decent tin opener

There will probably be only one or two in your whole flat, so make sure you have a good one that works. Chances are a lot of tuna will be eaten, so get yourself a decent tin opener and consider it an investment.


11. Diary

Finally, because your social life will be poppin’ by the end of fresher’s week, you’ll need a diary to pen in all those dates. This is something I realised I desperately needed quite early on, and I can happily say it was one of the most useful things I bought myself for uni. It doesn’t have to be big and fancy; mine just sits on my desk and I write in everything and anything I have planned. That way, I can see it all written down on paper instead of floating around in my head, and like I said, I’m ALL about that organisation!


Wowza, that was a long list. I guess there are a lot of things you need for starting university (in case you hadn’t clocked that). Hopefully this helped… can I just say that I’m absolutely BUZZED about going back to uni, and I hope that any freshers out there are too, just keep in mind this revolutionary list of essentials!


Stay cool,

El x


4 thoughts on “11 Random Things You Can’t Live Without at Uni

  1. I totally agree with all of these, but especially thee cardholder and fancy dress. It seems as though when you get to uni, these essential items are no longer needed. Is it because they seem uncool? Not sure. Haha!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I think sometimes it seems like you have to have these things for when you move in but later on people realise it wasn’t that necessary, however all of these items I used a lot throughout the whole year so I would take them just in case! Good point though 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

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