How to Decorate Your Uni Room Like a Pro

For today’s post I’m sharing with you a little bit of wisdom on how to decorate a university style dorm/room. In my halls of residence, we weren’t allowed to stick things on the walls (much to my frustration) so I came up with other creative ways of displaying photos and other bits and bobs around the room.

Below are some photos of my uni room last year, taken shortly before I moved out. I haven’t yet moved back to university so unfortunately can’t show you pictures of my current room!



(It didn’t always look this tidy, believe me).

So, in the name of bullet pointing, here’s a quick list of things you can do to make your space a bit more ‘you’.



The obvious one, I know, but it’s important. Having photos of your family friends around the place just makes it a bit more homely and personalised. I printed off a bunch before moving in and then stuck them all over the pin board (as you can see) and elsewhere in the room I could get away with, without leaving blue-tack marks obviously.



Get some of this stuff and just go crazy with it; hang it all over the place. If your room lacks hooks, be creative. I tied some to my curtain rail and pinned it to my pin board. It’s basic but oh so pretty!


Pin Board

Most dorms will have a pin board, be it large or small. Now you take that pin board and you make it yours, make it an explosion of colour and cool vibes. Collect things like postcards and random stuff you get handed at fresher’s week, and just pin it all up there. I was quite proud of my board; it was messy and bold and cool and I loved it… it brought a great energy to my prison cell of a room (okay it wasn’t that bad).



Bring some life to the room (literally) and get yourself a nice little cactus plant, ideally something that’s quite easy to keep alive, that was my criteria. It just brightens the place up a bit; a little greenery never hurt anyone.



I’m a sucker for a good, fluffy rug. Often the carpets in uni rooms are made of that scratchy, low maintenance material which can sometimes be like walking on sandpaper. So get yourself something cosy and fluffy to put your feet down on when you get out of bed, and the place will soon feel like home!


Blankets and Pillows

Probably a no-brainer, but you will want some of these to make your little room feel more homely and comfortable. My collection of cushions grew significantly as the year went on, and even though I threw every last one from my bed as got in at night, during the day it made for a comfy and relaxing place to sit and chill… I mean work, WORK!


One last tip for you… if like me, you’re not supposed to stick things on the walls, I created a washing line of polaroid photos with string and some tiny pegs and hung it over the top of my shelf so it sort of looks like they’re stuck on the wall! It actually looked pretty cool. You just need to be really creative with things like that, there’s always a way!


Stay cool,

El x


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