Student Hacks: Food Shopping

There’s a well-known stereotype of the typical student diet which tends to consist of pot noodles, mug shots, instant soup and a heck load of alcohol. I’d like to say I’ve steered well clear of this stereotype, in that I have not bought a single pot noodle, mug shot consumption has remained at a minimum, and I’ve cooked from scratch a lot of my own … Continue reading Student Hacks: Food Shopping

Glorious Food

Thoughts on a Mediterranean Cruise // Glorious Food. Good news! Holiday photos are now successfully uploaded to my blog so go and have a look if you’re interested! This is the last of my little mini series about the cruise holiday, and I couldn’t help but rave about the absolutely GOB-SMACKING cuisine on the boat. I literally don’t know where to start. Okay, so every evening … Continue reading Glorious Food