How to Decorate Your Uni Room Like a Pro

For today’s post I’m sharing with you a little bit of wisdom on how to decorate a university style dorm/room. In my halls of residence, we weren’t allowed to stick things on the walls (much to my frustration) so I came up with other creative ways of displaying photos and other bits and bobs around the room. Below are some photos of my uni room … Continue reading How to Decorate Your Uni Room Like a Pro

11 Random Things You Can’t Live Without at Uni

Boom. Flashback to last year. I was sat in my room, laptop on my knee, scouring endlessly through the best and worst of Youtube’s “What to take to uni” videos. I was nervous, excited, keen and oh so new to the world of university. I was a clueless little fresher trying to grasp as much as I could of what the next year would look … Continue reading 11 Random Things You Can’t Live Without at Uni

Looking Back at Freshers’ Week

Late nights, early mornings. Loud noises, music, people talking, shouting, singing. Alcohol, and lots of it. Free stuff everywhere. New faces, new faces, more new faces. So, thanks to my extreeeme blogging break (slash quit), I realised my blog missed out on the whole Freshers’ fiasco when I started uni. Sooo I’m updating you now! It’s coming quickly to the end of the year and … Continue reading Looking Back at Freshers’ Week

My Thoughts on Exams

Stress, anxiety, illness, memory loss and general discontent. Apparently this is what the education system wants for its students today. Never mind 12 months of revision and preparation; when you’re sat in an echoing exam hall on the verge of a mental breakdown with a sweaty pencil in your hand, all that hard earned knowledge is irrelevant. It’s about how fast you can write.   … Continue reading My Thoughts on Exams