Student Hacks: Food Shopping

There’s a well-known stereotype of the typical student diet which tends to consist of pot noodles, mug shots, instant soup and a heck load of alcohol. I’d like to say I’ve steered well clear of this stereotype, in that I have not bought a single pot noodle, mug shot consumption has remained at a minimum, and I’ve cooked from scratch a lot of my own … Continue reading Student Hacks: Food Shopping

Looking Back at Freshers’ Week

Late nights, early mornings. Loud noises, music, people talking, shouting, singing. Alcohol, and lots of it. Free stuff everywhere. New faces, new faces, more new faces. So, thanks to my extreeeme blogging break (slash quit), I realised my blog missed out on the whole Freshers’ fiasco when I started uni. Sooo I’m updating you now! It’s coming quickly to the end of the year and … Continue reading Looking Back at Freshers’ Week

How To Fail Your Driving Test

What did they say? You’ll pass with flying colours. And what did I do? I failed. From then on all I got was “Don’t worry, all the best drivers pass second time!”, and luckily for me this was true. If I had failed for a second time, my motivation to drive would have hit rock bottom, especially with the 10 week long waiting list. After finally … Continue reading How To Fail Your Driving Test